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Darryl Cohen and Associates
NHD Pod(SA), BSc(Hons)(Podiatric Studies)


441 Clark Ave West
Suite 201
Thornhill, ON
L4J 6W8
(Sobeys Plaza at corner Clark and Hilda)
(905) 886-3965


Lawrence Square Shoppng Centre
700 Lawrence Ave West
Suite 125
Toronto, ON
M6A 3B4  
(416) 787-1381




An orthotic is an in-shoe device which is designed to maintain better positioning of the foot and reinstate correct motion and timing during the weight-bearing phase of walking.  Poor foot posture and functioning has an impact on lower limb alignment as the leg rotates with the movement of the foot, thus this can result in pain and discomfort within the feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips and even back.  There are times when a person may simply suffer from lower limb fatigue as a result of incorrect foot functioning and may respond well to having their gait (walking pattern) corrected.

Whether you are young, older, active in sport and exercise or just carrying on with day to day activities your feet if not working at their optimum can have a negative impact on your ability to function at your best.

At The Foot Institute, we pride ourselves in providing quality orthotics, using some of the latest technology in measuring for our orthotics.  We use a          3- dimensional scanner to obtain an exceptionally accurate impression of the patient's foot to enable the orthotic to be manufactured.  

Thornhill Chiropodist specializing in Podiatrist, Orthotics , Ingrown toenails, Fungal Nails, Foot Pain, Flat Feet, Foot Specialist serving Thornhill, L4J6W8, Richmond Hill, Toronto